Hello! I’m Sarah and Dottycraft is my little space on the t’internet!

I’m a thirty-something mum of one from Sheffield in the UK. After spending many hours reading about how to start a blog, I decided to jump in! My blog covers the things in life that inspire me.

I love crafting, especially crochet and cross stitch. I love to squish yarns and could spend all day just looking at the colours and feeling the textures! That’s another hobby all of it’s own!

I also enjoy baking and trying new recipes; my 4 year old loves to get involved in that too, and it’s a great way to spend a lazy weekend at home.

When I get the chance I also enjoy to take my camera and do a bit of photography. I can’t profess to be particularly good at it, but I like to have a go, and especially love to take photos of my little lady and capture memories.

So I guess you will find a bit of all of that on my blog, along with my musings about life, being  a working mum and wife, and anything else that takes my fancy!

Thanks for visiting – and do say hi! 🙂

Sarah x