A Weekend of Baking

Yesterday was Father’s Day, so it was all about enjoying family time together, and of course making the most of Daddy-time! The weekend in general had a bit of a cake/baking theme to it. Starting on Saturday with a morning of baking giant cookie pizzas with Georgie, at one of our favourite cake shops, Poppies Bakehouse. I’ve been a big fan of the bakehouse for a couple of years now, and Natalie has made me several batches of cupcakes as well as Georgie’s second birthday cake, and I’ve done a cake decorating class there. Cooking Tots is a way for the littles to start to experience baking and cooking, in a safe environment, with others of a similar age. Georgie had a great time, and made an extra special pizza cookie for Daddy (which of course we all shared yesterday afternoon!).

On Saturday afternoon Georgie and I did yet more baking/cooking, and made a lemon and raspberry cheesecake. It’s a recipe I found on Pinterest a while ago and I’ve been wanting to try it ever since. As it was Father’s Day, and we had invited my mother-in-law for dinner, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out. I could probably have gotten away with doing a smaller version, as it is very big and there is still plenty leftover in the fridge. Next time, I’ll probably halve the recipe and do one that is just big enough for the 3 of us. It was very simple though, and I loved the fact that is really is a no-bake recipe! The lemon curd really brings out the flavour, and it tasted beautiful.




Today, Georgie is at preschool and so I’ve been baking again! This time, a birthday cake for a little girl who may not otherwise get a cake on her special day. I am chair of Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield, and as a voluntary group we bake for children across Sheffield who, for whatever reason, may not get a birthday cake. I love working with this group, and it really means a lot to me. I don’t always get the opportunity or time to bake, with running the group and life in general, so it was nice to spend the morning practising my buttercream skills. Whats more, I now have a nice batch of pink, tasty buttercream leftover – so I have popped this in the freezer for an easy baking afternoon with Georgie next time we do some cupcakes. The theme for this cake was Minnie Mouse – although the family requested a mainly buttercream cake so it was little bit more difficult to find inspiration.

As always, Pinterest saved the day and I kind of mixed up a few of the ideas I had pinned to my board, to create my own Minnie Mouse themed cake. This afternoon, I’ll drop it off with the referring agency, and hopefully it will make a big difference to the little girl and her family. That’s what I love about it all, it brings such joy, not only to that child, but to their family – and makes someone’s day just that bit more special.

Untitled design

The sun is shining this afternoon too, so after delivering cakes and collecting Georgie, we will head into town for a wander, and to make the most of our time before it’s back to work for me tomorrow. It’s a nice short week for me this week though – with a day off on Thursday for Georgie’s reception induction afternoon. Eek!


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